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In our diverse, dispersed, and digital world, today, more than ever, we need leaders who understand themselves from the inside out. To do this, we need to tap into the wisdom that our emotions contain.

For most of us, we have been led to believe that being emotional is a weakness and that showing our emotions should be cause for shame.

But by managing your emotions and leading with a strong mind and a kind heart, you can create an environment of trust in the workplace that will spur engagement, spike curiosity, and engender belonging.

How? By leading with emotional intelligence.

Author Carolyn Stern’s six-step self-coaching program is the tool that will empower you as a leader to accept that your emotions, and those of others, are not the enemy. With this acceptance, you’ll learn how to create engaged teams who feel truly valued, recognized, seen, and appreciated: not solely as task-completers, but as the terrific and complex humans – full of energy, passion, and potential – that they are.

This is for the leaders who want to transform their own lives, the lives of their colleagues, and the future of their business for the better. It’s time to embrace that what makes us human is what also makes us strong, in work and life alike.

Takes you on a journey, both personal and professional, to discover how being smart about your emotions can help you chart a more fulfilling life path.

Dr. Steven J. Stein, coauthor of The EQ Edge and author of The EQ Leader

Now more than ever, leaders need to connect, build trust, and bring their genuine selves to their teams every day. Unlike other authors who also ask us to reconsider our approach to leadership, Stern challenges us to dive deeper and own not only our approach to leading others, but also how we show up, who we are, and how we got here.

Wally Smith, Ed.D., Director of talent development, UChicago Medicine


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